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December 6, 2020

The creaking of the metal cupboard door woke me up. My eyes partially opened and were lazily closing back when the sound of another door shut. With only my head off the ground and eyes now wide open I listened. The sound of rain in that room in the corner of the house always intrigues me. 

How does it rain only in there when the weather is quite different out here where I am? And why does the shutting of a door always precede and follow that mysterious shower? Sure enough once again the door closed. The repeated squish-squeak of somebody’s slippers means I am going to be left alone. 

For how long? 

It’s too early for my next meal. Will they serve it before they leave? 

Ooh dear, those ants, big and small. I don’t mind them strolling about the place. Live and let live is my motto when it comes to those little creatures.  It’s only when they get into my bowl of food that it gets frightening! 

Look into my mouth there is a head clamped right under the tender side of my tongue. Yes, there’s another one; its head, thorax and abdomen dangling loosely at the corner of my mouth. 

It’s still alive! I’ve tried scraping it off with my paw, and even with my claw; it did not work.

I tried licking it repeatedly but they are so determined. Ants can be bad. 

The sound of keys. My playmate! I can’t stop wagging my tail. 

Where are you going? 

Thank you for patting me. 

When will you be back? 

Mother. Is mother also going out? Oh no. Master is also leaving. 

I can’t hold back. I have to bark. I can’t stop it. 

Please don’t you all go away and leave me chained. 

Oh, so you’re going to zoo me in my kennel? 

How would you like to be confined in a poky dark hot room? 

Do you think getting food at the right time every day is all that an animal needs? No, we like to roam about free and chase and catch our prey. That’s how we were created even if it meant that on some days we would starve.  

Come back soon. I feel so hot under this tin roof. 

I can’t reach the water. Bow! Wow! I’ll need water! 

Bow! Wow! Wow! I can’t stay without water as you do. 

My vocabulary is dynamic. Every bark may sound the same to you but won’t you ever understand the tone and the volume of the sounds I make? They can mean a whole lot of different things. 

I’m not complaining about you going out to do your thing, whatever it is. I’m asking you to leave my water bowl in the kennel. 

I can see it but can’t get to it, and that’s worse than not having any to lap up. 

Yes, listen to the toddler, he understands what I’m asking for. Yes, that’s the reason why he is turning back and walking with you as you drag him along. 

Look at his hand pointing to my bowl. He knows I’ll need water. 

How do people grow up to be insensitive when they were born to be so thoughtful.

Bless you, little boy.  

Oh, no. Don’t go away without leaving me some water. 

Bow! Wow! Wow! Bow! Wow! Wow! Bow! Wow! Wow!


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